Hyunjin Kim

I recently obtained my doctoral degree at Harvard Business School, and will be joining INSEAD as an Assistant Professor of Strategy in summer 2020.

My research sits at the intersection of firm strategy and digitization, exploring how data and algorithms impact how firms compete and make strategic decisions. I use field experiments and empirical analyses leveraging econometric methods and machine learning. For this work, I collaborate closely with Fortune 500 companies as well as small tech startups, and have received funding from the Ewing Kauffman Foundation and the Foundation for Human Behavior.

I earned my A.B. in Social Studies at Harvard College, and received a M.Sc in Environmental Change and Management at the University of Oxford and a M.Sc in Economics and Management at the London School of Economics. Prior to my graduate studies, I co-founded and directed the Emerge Venture Lab, an early-stage venture capital fund for technology startups working on social and environmental issues. I have also worked at McKinsey & Company and Knewton.

hkim@hbs.edu | CV